Franchise Finance

At Origin Finance we have worked with some of the UK’s leading Franchises. Franchises often yield great rewards, but there is usually a big investment required. This investment generally involves Equipment, Franchise Fees, legal Fees and Working Capital. We can provide a turnkey finance package to fund the entire franchise costs. 

Franchises exist in almost every business sector including Leisure, Hospitality, Fitness, Retail, Logistics, Commercial Cleaning and Car Repairs to name a few. With access to over 120 lenders with varying appetites, it doesn’t matter what sector you operate within, we can help. 

Many lenders now have specific departments for Franchise Finance applications, many of which can only be accessed via a broker. Whether you’re a first-time franchisee, expanding franchisee or are considering franchising your own business, our team is here to help.


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Case Studies


Restaurant Fit Out: Catering Equipment, Furniture & Building Works

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Hotel Refurbishment: Furniture, Catering Equipment & Guest Lift

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Gym Fit Out: Fitness Equipment, Security System & Building Works

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Glamping Pods for Existing Hotel: Groundworks & Utility Connections

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I finance the Franchisee Fees? 

Yes, we can fund the entire franchise cost 

What is the minimum amount I can borrow? 

£5,000 is the minimum amount we can finance 

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Will my payments increase with interest rate rises? 

No, your monthly payments are fixed, meaning it’s unaffected by interest rate rises or inflation. 

Do I need to be an experienced business owner?

No, many new franchisees have no prior business or industry experience 

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Can you provide finance for any franchise? 

Yes, we can provide funding to almost any franchise 

Can you provide finance for a franchise that is new to the UK? 

Yes, we have provided funding to several franchises entering the UK market 

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