Invoice Finance

One of the best and easy to acquire financial products is invoice financing. It allows your business to convert all the unpaid invoices to working capital. The unpaid invoices act as collateral and once the payments are received, they are given back to the lender.

It is a quick and effective way to borrow business finance through what your customers owe you. You would not have to wait for months or weeks to get paid by your customers, as the financial lender will release a percentage of value to you immediately.

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Key Points:

  • Offer extended payment terms to your customers

  • Protect working capital over the duration of the contract

  • Manage more contracts without damaging cashflow

  • Each lenders appetite is different but a good general rule of thumb is that lenders will release 75% - 80% of the current value of the outstanding invoice(s)

  • If you don’t want your customers knowing that you have an Invoice Finance facility, not a problem, we can arrange a discreet invoice facility.