Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is an umbrella term for a variety of products including Invoice Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Selective Invoice Finance or Spot Factoring. It allows your business to convert all the unpaid invoices to working capital as the unpaid invoices act as collateral. 

​It is a quick and effective way to borrow business finance through what your customers owe you. You would not have to wait for months or weeks to get paid by your customers, as the lender will release a percentage of the invoice value to you immediately. Every lenders appetite is different however a good rule of thumb is that lenders will release around 85% of the current invoice value as working capital. 


Whether you’re looking to take on more projects or ease cash flow problems, the team at origin Finance are on hand to discuss your options. 


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Case Studies


Warehouse Fit out including HVAC, Shutters, Mezzanine Floor & Pallet Racking

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Fleet of 11 brand new Car Transporters for two year established business

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Forklift Trucks, Pickers & Warehouse Management Software for Blue chip company

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Pallet Racking & Barrier System for an established Logistics company

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to use Invoice Finance for all of my invoices? 

No, we can provide Selective Invoice Finance which allows you to pick and choose the invoices you wish to finance. 

Will my customers know that I use Invoice Finance? 

No, we can offer a discreet invoice Finance facility meaning there will be no changes to how your customer pay you. 

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What is the typical percentage of the invoice value that can be released? 

No, your monthly payments are fixed, unaffected by interest rate rises or inflation. 

What types of businesses is Invoice Finance suitable for? 

Invoice finance is suitable for B2B businesses that work on longer credit terms with their customers. 

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How do I know if Invoice Finance is right for my business? 

Our team are on hand to run through your specific requirements so that you can decide if it is right for your business. 

Can I use invoice finance if my business only sells to consumers rather than businesses? 

No, invoice finance is only available to businesses that sell to other businesses i.e. B2B 

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