New Start Finance

Starting a new business can be very daunting and often requires an injection of finance to get up and running. Many new start businesses are unaware that funding is available, instead, the business owner often utilises expensive personal credit cards and personal loans. 

As a new start business doesn’t have any history for a lender to base a decision on, they will look much more closely at the individuals behind the business and assess the business plan for viability. As a finance broker, it is our job to make your application stand out to the lender by presenting a full and detailed application to maximise your chance of acceptance.


Here at Origin Finance, we are specialists when it comes to providing finance to new start businesses, we are on hand to talk through the options that are available to your business


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Case Studies


Restaurant Fit Out: Catering Equipment, Furniture & Building Works

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Hotel Refurbishment: Furniture, Catering Equipment & Guest Lift

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Gym Fit Out: Fitness Equipment, Security System & Building Works

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Glamping Pods for Existing Hotel: Groundworks & Utility Connections

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is a personal guarantee needed? 

In most cases, a personal guarantee is required for new start business finance. 

What is the minimum amount I can borrow? 

£5,000 is the minimum amount we can finance 

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Will my payments increase with interest rate rises? 

No, your monthly payments are fixed, meaning it’s unaffected by interest rate rises or inflation. 

Do I need to be an experienced business owner?

No, many new buinsesses have no prior business or industry experience 

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Can I finance used equipment? 

Yes, we can fund new, used or refurbished equipment 

Do I have to pay a deposit? 

We aim to provide acceptances with no deposit. You can however contribute a deposit if you wish 

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