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Professions Loans

Professions loans is a specialist product for you guessed it... Professionals! Professionals have access to straightforward Business Loans as well as an array of Professions Loan providers.

Professions Loans are available to Accountants, Dentists, Pharmacists, Solicitors, Doctors/GPs, Opticians, Architects, Veterinary Practices, Chartered Surveyors & Chiropractors.

Key Points:

  • Professions Loans are paid directly into your bank account & can be utilised as you see fit for the growth & development of your business

  • Origin Finance has access to over 20 Professions Loans providers, in addition to the 60+ Business Loans providers from high street banks to private banks & niche lenders. This broad range of providers allows us to place almost all requirements

  • If your business is seasonal, we can offer seasonal payments i.e. higher repayments in your busy periods & lower payments during your quieter periods.​