Refinance is one of the most underrated financial products. most businesses look around to acquire business finance from banks, but little do they know they can refinance themselves on their existing assets which they own. This type of financing is done on machinery or vehicles.

Once you use refinance as a way to fund your business, you can immediately get finance for your working capital but with debt secured against machinery your company owns.

Many people get business finance through tying their existing assets to the loan they have acquired. And this financial product may just be the thing you need.

Key Points:

  • Equity Release is a fast and efficient solution that can be used even if the asset is currently being financed by another provider

  • We consolidate costs and, in some instances, we help to reduce monthly outgoings

  • Raise capital without the need for additional security i.e. business debentures, personal guarantees or corporate guarantees

  • Each lenders appetite is different but a good general rule of thumb is that lenders will fund 75% - 80% of the current value of the machinery or vehicles.