Vehicle Finance

If you are looking for a vehicle, fret not, Origin Finance offers financial products that will cover your vehicle financing. With the complexities involved in vehicle financing, we are here to give you the best financial information to streamline your finance needs.


Whether it's for personal vehicle finance or business finance, we are here for you.

We cover all types of vehicle finance and your car could be used for business, private, personal or as a garage queen.

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Key Points:

  • Finance up to 100% of the vehicle’s value. We can get balloon payments of up to 80% to finance your purchase

  • Vehicle finance is another word for Hire Purchase, Lease or PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

  • We work with suppliers of your choice, and we make financial payments on your behalf

  • Origin Finance has access to over 100 Vehicle Finance lenders, from high street banks to private banks & niche lenders. This broad range of lenders allows us to fulfil almost all requirements.